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The videos of our homes are a representation of the quality and craftsmanship

of each Gore Built Home.



Please keep in mind that our homes have been built in a variety of different neighborhoods throughout the Fayetteville, Hope Mills, Cumberland County area.

Pricing of our homes always depends on the level of amenity package selected.

When it's time to build a home...







  1,737 Sq Ft Plan #GBH-1737F       2,076 Sq Ft Plan #GB-03BFM3  
1,782 Sq Ft Plan #GBH-1782F2 2,429 Sq Ft Plan #GB-12B38
1,985 Sq Ft Plan #GB-48SF 2,601 Sq Ft Plan #LG-14SF
2,073 Sq Ft Plan #GB-31BF15 2,863 Sq Ft Plan #LG-47SF
2,079 Sq Ft Plan #GB-24F12 3,015 Sq Ft Plan #LG-46BFD
2,143 Sq Ft Plan #GB-33F    
2,200 Sq Ft Plan #GB-36F    
2,291 Sq Ft Plan #GB-32BF    
2,352 Sq Ft Plan #GB-39BF    
2,433 Sq Ft Plan #GB-34BF20    
2,489 Sq Ft Plan #GB-38F3    
2,590 Sq Ft Plan #LG-39BFD2    
2,556 Sq Ft Plan #LG-32BF3    
2,556 Sq Ft Plan #LG-38F6    
2,749 Sq Ft Plan #LG-34B21    

When it's Time to Build...                Make Sure it's a Gore Built Home

Gore Built Homes Inc., 5135 Morganton Road, Fayetteville, NC  28314
Phone:  (910) 864-4073

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